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Planning a Beach Trip? Read This First!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Avoid these common mistakes to ensure a healthy and happy beach vacay. I learned Number 3 the hard way, woof. Don't do what I did.

1. Wear sunscreen

I know you already know this. I'm saying it anyway. Do it. Love you.

Here's a good face sunscreen that doesn't clog pores. Oil-free with hyaluronic acid. SPF 42.

Bonus: It's a 2022 Allure Best of Beauty Winner.

2. Respect the power of the sun near the equator

If you're tanning on a beach near the equator, do not underestimate the power of the sun. Be extra vigilant with the sunscreen. And only spend about half the time you would spend tanning on beaches further away from the equator. The sun is super strong there. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. Don't get burned like I did.

Here's a strong sun screen (SPF 50) with solid reviews on Sephora.

3. White bikinis don't belong at all beaches

Don't wear a white or light colored bathing suit in or near beaches with "colored sand" (black, red, etc). Actually, any bathing suit you care about at all, don't wear it to a "colored sand" beach. Sometimes the reason the beach is a particular color is because of colored minerals or sediments, and these can end up permanently dying your bathing suit. I ruined a brand new white bikini in Greece this way. It was a sad day.

Black bikinis you can wear anywhere. Here's a pretty one.

4. Tan line free bathing suits exist

Apparently they invented bathing suits that prevent tan lines. They're called "tan through swimsuits," and they work by allowing sunlight through the swimsuit material. Make sure to be extra vigilant with the sunscreen when wearing these since they let sunlight through.

Here's a cute one by Kiniki, a London based company that uses Transol technology.

5. Aloe vera can help with sun burn

Aloe vera has amazing soothing and healing properties. When I say "aloe vera," I don't mean the bottled stuff you buy at the store. I mean direct-from-the-source aloe vera plant stems.

You do have to be careful though because the stems have thorns which can be very sharp and therefore dangerous -- so avoid those. Also the plant can smell kind of like onions which can be a bit off putting.

But the oozy gelatinous goodness inside is medicinal liquid gold -- it can help treat acne, itchiness, burns (including sun burn), bug bites, rashes, wounds, dry skin, and so much more.

If you end up getting a non-major sun burn and you know you don't have an allergy to aloe vera, try using natural aloe vera gel as a topical to see if it helps!

*This is not medical advice. If you are having a medical emergency or a medical issue, always consult a medical professional.

Hope this list helps you and you have a great time at the beach!


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